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I was hooked within the first few pages which is a rare occurrence. Kyleigh Castronaro is a talented writer with interesting plot lines and loveable characters. Highly recommend this wonderful series, I'm already enjoying the second book just as much as the first, can't wait to read them all!

Never Enough Novels

I knew it was a retelling of a fairy tale, I didn't realize which one it was right away. When I figured it out, I was delighted by the subtle, yet sophisticated references to the original story. For me, those touches were what made the book special. I kept reading because I wanted to see how the author incorporated the rest of the story.

Patient Lee

We have part of the story parallel but that is not at all boring because we see it from another side and that gives even deeper insight and interesting spins, what you though happened didn't quite so and how you perceived people doesn't have to be the truth either. It's a fascinating technique and together with the very complex and interesting characters in this trilogy (not only the main characters but everyone we meet here!) and the compelling background, the Greek mythology underlying the story and the present-day spin Kyleigh Castronaro gives them, it is a great book to read and it doesn't disappoint at all!


I came close to tears several times, willing the impossible, only to have the magic do it for all the characters. This is a twisted take with many differences and so well told by Kyleigh, as expected from other reads. And yes there is a HEA, but boy... what a ride in getting there! :) It’s a book that has to be read in one sitting, to enjoy the effect. Thank you Kyleigh for another wonderful read and will always be looking forward to so many more from you. :)


I was worried, excited, happy and all the other right emotions while reading. I was fully immersed in the storyline and could not stop reading. I went from thinking, "this should be good" to "Oh. My. Gods. I need more of this right now!" and then reading ravenously for as long as sleep, or lack of sleep, would allow. I still think that I need more! I'm so glad that there's a book three.

Ashley from The Secret Bookshelf

I LOVE HOW AMAZING Kyleigh is with writing dialogue. She manages to easily create distinct voices for all the characters, which was immensely important because of how the Gods/Goddesses sometimes take over the body of the characters.

Jessica of Strung Out on Books

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